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Distributing liveresults from your event

The system currently supports uploading results from the Swedish OLA system and OLEinzel (and OLStaffel). Other system may work if they can produce export files in IOF-XML format like those exported by OLEinzel.

The system exposes a public free api that can be used for 3:rd party developers that want to create applications using data from the liveresults (for example Apps for Mobile Phones).
Read more about the Liveresults Public API

If you would like to upload from another eventsystem, please contact peter @ lofas . se with information about the system and example export files

Below you can find guides how to upload for the implemented adapters

Events with many expected online viewers or customized layout

If you host a big international event and expect a large number of online visitors or want to have a customized logotype on the liveresults-page there is a possibility to rent cloud-based servers to a low cost (about 10EUR for one week) that will handle the traffic and show your logo. Please contact peter @ lofas .se if your are interested in this.

Uploading from OE2010 Uploading from OLA

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